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I'm Austin Paynter

After 15 years in a career focusing on the physical side of mechanical engineering and design I have decided to make a move into a more digital field. I have always used technology in my day to day work, but now want a hand in making and advancing it. I have spent most of my adult life solving problems of all shapes and sizes, and am excited to take that experience into a new career. My wife Kristen and our three kids (Trevor, Phoenix, and Ariana) are the reason I get up everyday, and I am seeking a better work life balance.

In my current career I have worked on projects ranging from small embedded computers systems, up to large scale offshore drilling rigs and everything in between. The second half of my career has had a more science and experimental role working on large research lasers, and energetic and ballistic products. I have worked on every part of the design cycle for physical products, to include conceptualization, design for fabrication, actual fabrication, and after release support. In my future career I hope to bring my unique range of problem solving skills and apply them in a new way. I’m looking to start writing my next chapter, one that allows me to explore the cutting edge of technology advancements. I believe VR is the next frontier, and I hope to be a pioneer in its next phase of mass adoption by the general public.

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